Monday, January 3, 2011

A True Short Story - The Short Sale Story

Once upon a time there was a wonderful family who had purchased and owned a wonderful home. When this family purchased their home all was well and good. The family enjoyed the two incomes. They so enjoyed their home.

Unfortunately the national and local economy fell to recession. Mrs. Homeowner lost her job. The finances became tight for this wonderful family. The family struggled to make their payments. The family was unable to make their home payments and the big bad mortgage company started calling them daily. After a few months of not being able to make the mortgage payment, the mortgage Company informed this wonderful family that their home was going into the dreaded foreclosure status. The wonderful family felt hopeless and didn’t know where to turn.

Fortunately, Mrs. Home owner was searching online for a solution to their dilemma. She found this Realtor in their Area, Gary DiGiorgio with The DiGiorgio Group. The wonderful family met with Gary to review their options. Gary suggested they consider a short sale and sell their home. The wonderful family agreed it was their best option.

Gary listed their home and contacted the mortgage company. Gary provided all the documentation to the mortgage company and the dreaded foreclosure was proponed and the calls from the mortgage company stopped, the wonderful family felt at ease. After just two weeks the home was placed under contract. Gary diligently worked with the Seller, the buyer, the appraiser, the title company and finally had the short sale approved and accepted by all parties.

The wonderful family closed on the sale of their wonderful home with the hopes of some day being able to purchase another home. The family packed up and moved into a rental home in the same neighborhood.

After just 20 months, the family contacted Gary again about the purchase of another home. The wonderful family worked with Gary and his Mortgage broker and the family was approved to purchase a new home. The wonderful family purchased a wonderful home in the same area for less then their previous home. They could easily afford the new payments at the new low interest rate. The wonderful family loved their new wonderful home and lives happily ever after.

This is a true story. If your family is experiencing a similar situation immediately contact Gary or a expert short sale REALTOR in your area. If you do know personally know a REALTOR in your area, call Gary to find the local expert. Gary will be able to assist you. Gary has REALTOR associates coast to coast. We can turned that dreaded foreclosure into a happily ever after story for you too... call Gary today ..303 898 GARY(4279)

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Gary D in Denver


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