Thursday, November 12, 2009

A funny thing happened to me on the way to my blog this am..

I intened to write a normal blog....not using a tune..then to my dismay

...someone asked me for more words to the tune...It was awesome..

My normal words were transposed into the song...Not my intent..

yet it kinda worked anyway...So below ..find..the normal...then the tune words....

YOU DECIDE...which flows betta !!!! hehe


Seems we were able to survive many years ago ..without phones

Yet today, we are like babies dependant on our phones.

In fact, when our cell phone is not working..broke or just dead..we all are in dread...

For me is time to get a new phone on Sunday !! yeah!!!

Im getting the new Verizon ..droid.... any comments from fellow dependants ???

At the very bottom a great clip on storm Vs droid

So just scroll down and click to hear.. then return back to here..


Smile though your phone is breaking

Smile even tho its freaking

When you hear shouts in the sky you'll find wifi

If you smile ..thru the fears to borrow

Smile and say way tomorrow

You'll see your provider raising the cost to you


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Motorola Droid Vs. BlackBerry Storm 2


Follow me on twitter: TechnoBuffalo: In
this 'Versus' battle we put the Motorola Droid (Android 2.0) against the BlackBerry Storm 2.

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