Thursday, November 19, 2009

How I cured my attitute--Quick fix


In Life....your attitude will determine your altitude.

When we get an attitude can be corrected

So when you feel an attitude ...remember this little bit of advice .

Perhaps it will help to correct the attitude for maximum altitude...

See you on the peaks of your life..


Please scroll down to get the beat...return here to these words and repeat:

When I get an attitude won’t be forever

Or I’ll never.... get above

In a restless work place... like this is

Attitude can be stopped before it’s begun

With so many ....smooth bright wishes

Lean to cool.... in the attitude... on the run

When I get my head right must be completely

Or I‘ll never.. do my part

And the moment ..I can feel attitude.. and you do too

Is the moment.... I can raise above ...the blues


..And the moment ..I can feel an attitude and you do too

..Is when.. I can raise above ...the blues.....

Gary DiGiorgio

The DiGiorgio Group

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